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The Divina Costiera Bed and Breakfast is located in Agerola, a quaint and quiet village crowned by the Lattari Mountains, it revels in an exceptional landscape thanks mainly to the unspoiled and authentic environment, far from the chaos of the city.
Inhabited since ancient times by Roman aristocrats as evidenced by the precious archaeological finds discovered as "Ville Rustiche" remains, amphorae, lamps and ancient coins.

The name Agerola derives from the Latin "ager" which means ploughed or cultivated field: in fact its economy was mainly founded on agriculture making the most of this splendid plateau, unlike the underlying areas where the presence of the coast made it impossible to do so.

This place represents the ideal location to admire the breath-taking views of the Amalfi Coast from its "natural balconies", characterised by the impressive overhangs that plunge into the blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Punta San Lazzaro, Lauritano Castle, Punta Belvedere and Corona Park, the latter located immediately above the Divina Costiera Bed and Breakfast, are must-see stops for those who choose to stay in Agerola.

Traditional cuisine to excite your palate

Typical products

Agerola boasts a prestigious local product, its traditional bread, which has earned it the title of "City of Bread". The popular homemade bread is made using wheat and rye. Mouth-wateringly delicious when cooked, it breaks easily thanks to the characteristic scoring on the crust. By rebaking, panbiscotto is produced, making it ideal to be kept for over a month without losing its flavour.
And then there is taralli, with its classic flattened circular or quadrangular shape, around 6-7 cm in diameter. They are often garnished with pepper or almonds.


Anyone who sits down to dine after discovering the wonders of the Amalfi Coast will have the opportunity to taste the dairy products of Agerola and experience the reason for their renown. Caciotte, provolone and fresh or smoked scamorze, caciocavallo, trecce, fiordilatte, ricotta and caprini are the centrepiece of the Agerolese plateau.

The most famous is the Provolone del Monaco Dop, obtained from processing raw milk using goat kid rennet. Spinning is complex and tiring, and often requires the effort of two people. The pear or cylinder shaping follows, before finishing with the brine and drying process.

Maturing takes place in the cellar for 4-18 months. The particular flavour and aroma of this cheese is due not only to the goodness of the pastures but also the aging and preservation techniques. For the production of this Provolone, at least 20% Agerolese cow's milk must be used, a particularly valued breed.


The Pennata Pear is a local variety and a unique delicacy to the Agerola region; in fact, it is included in the list of traditional products of the Campania region. The tree is characterised as being robust and very straight and tall, hence the name "Pennata" (the edge of the roofs). The plant prefers dry and sunny environments and the fruits ripen in the summer from August to September. The peel has a dark green colour while the flesh is light and compact with a pleasant aroma and a mellow, sweet flavour. But the distinctive feature of this pear is the round shape and excellent shelf life. The jams produced by it are famous for their ideal marriage with Provolone del Monaco.

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