Trekking in Divina Costiera bed and breakfast, hotels in Divine Coast close to the path of the gods, hike and walks on Amalfi Coast, where find informatios about trekking sorrentine peninsula and Positano, hiking maps of valley of the mills in Amalfi. - Divina Costiera bed and breakfast in Amalfi Coast

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Trekking in Divina Costiera bed and breakfast, hotels in Divine Coast close to the path of the gods, hike and walks on Amalfi Coast, where find informatios about trekking sorrentine peninsula and Positano, hiking maps of valley of the mills in Amalfi.

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The B&B Divina Costiera is located in the centre of the coastal mountain chain of Lattari. Places full of beautiful trails immersed in the beauties of the Mediterranean bush or open the breathtaking views over the Gulf of Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast. For lovers of trekking these places are an ideal time to live fully the nature, which only here it manages to combine the sea and the mountains.

For guides and extensive information regarding walks and trekking in Sorrentine Peninsula and Amalfi Coast, that the Divina Costiera B&B you will find every kind of service: technical information, hiking maps, itineraries, guides, information materials, all kinds of information to prepare and organize the best holiday in Amalfi Coast Trekking based!

Our facility is also in collaboration with local guides

Informational portal of trekking walks in the Amalfi coast and the Sorrento peninsula, with maps and GPS locations.

Map of the walks and some of the suggested itineraries

starting directly from our B&B ...

Path of the Gods

The most famous of mountain routes, called by locals for the Rocky steps overlooking the sea of Positano. Comfortable and scenic walks that connects Agerola and Positano from Bomerano's square where is located the Divina Costiera B&B. This old Mule trail from becoming international fame, now counts about 300,000 tourists annually. But its history begins with Italo Calvino and Lawrence, poets who first described him as a place full of magic and mythology, where, crossing the bridge, there is still the impression of being suspended between sky and sea, just as the Gods ...


     LENGTH                          DURATION                     DIFFICULTY

7 km. Positano                4h Positano                  T - Easy


Valley of the Mills and Ferriere's Reserve

Between the Monti Lattari was established a general integral reserve for the presence of endemic species. The Valle delle Ferriere is part of the reserve and is crossed by the river Catlin rich in iron, from which the place takes its name. The path, however, does not end the reserve, but the entire route provides the possibility to cross before the reserve, its natural and rugged valleys, with the Woodwardia radicans and Salamandrina terdigitata, then you end up among the ruins of the ancient history of the Amalfi Republic, namely, paper mills where it was once made the famous homonymous paper. Following the clear River Catlin then, you arrive to the town of Amalfi, finishing the walk in piazza Duomo.


       LENGHT                      DURATION                        DIFFICULTY

10 km. Amalfi                6h Amalfi                  E - Medium


Tre Calli loop

"Climb" to the massif of the Tre Calli that surmounts the West Valley of Agerola. The Tre Calli take their names from the three small hills that occur on the West Ridge of the mountain range surrounding Agerola. The path requires a fair amount of work, but certainly repaid from the enchanting view you appreciate reaching the altitude of 1100 metres in length; through the Maquis to reach the plateau of Capo Muro symbolized by its "mushroom Rock" a resting place to admire the beauty of the Bay of Positano on the one hand, and the entire town of Agerola. Great to do in summer at dawn to his exposure to the East, and enjoy the tranquility that only the mountain can give.


     LENGHT                           DURATION                      DIFFICULTY

5,5 km. Agerola                4h circa                      T - Easy


The highest peack of Faito's Moutains

Starting from the Divina Costiera B&B you can take a path reserved for more experienced, but the goal that can be reached is certainly the most spectacular; a climb that leads to the Summit of Mount molar (mnt. San Michele 1444 m s.l.m.), the highest point of the province of Naples. The massif of the three Peaks is the chain of mountains which dominates the whole area of the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno. The path runs through chestnut groves of the Valley of Agerola and goes up to 1000 dimension where he encounters a beautiful old beech that opens the door to the source of holy water, one of the only corners of the Amalfi coast and the Sorrento peninsula where you can find the spectacular carnivorous plant of these places (Pignucola Hirtifolia).


        LENGHT                       DURATION                 DIFFICULTY

11,5 km. Mnt.Faito            8h about                   EE - Hard


Jeranto Bay, facing Capri Island

The Bay of Jeranto, beautiful walk through one of the wonders of the nascosete peninsula, crosses the site solely protected by doing here on the Amalfi coast. Where, Massalubrense, place of unspoilt beauty facing the faraglioni of Capri. In fact, the trail may be ring-shaped path, starting from Nerano, and ending in words, or opposite way, from the Punta Campanella, the headland that marks the "end" of the peninsula, dividing the costa Bell, in the two gulfs: to Salerno, South of Naples, and, to the North, having then faced precisely the Isle of Capri.


     LENGTH                          DURATION                   DIFFICULTY

4 km. Jeranto                   3h about                   T - Easy


The Ziro Tower

Ancient staircases lead to the promontory that divides the small valleys of Amalfi and Atrani. Within the pine forest skirting the cliff until you reach the path that leads to the point of climbing the wall of Ziro, literally overlooking the Amalfi coast. This tower takes its name from "Ziro" or old oil container. Tower built in 1151 and home of one of the prominent personalities of the era of the marine Republic of Amalfi, Giovanna d'Aragona, better known as Joanna the mad. The panorama which can be enjoyed along the way is peculiar as faces simultaneously between Amalfi and Atrani.


        LENGTH                       DURATION                    DIFFICULTY

2km. Pontone                    2h about                      T - Easy


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