Divina Costiera bb, b&b, is situated in Agerola center, village overlooking the sea, great for weekend last minute and beautiful place for groups holidays in Amalfi Coast, good for walking holiday Positano and hiking amalfi coast. - Divina Costiera bed and breakfast in Amalfi Coast

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Divina Costiera bb, b&b, is situated in Agerola center, village overlooking the sea, great for weekend last minute and beautiful place for groups holidays in Amalfi Coast, good for walking holiday Positano and hiking amalfi coast.

Agerola ...
... flavor, folk and tradition

Bed and Breakfast Divina Costiera is located twenty minutes from the center of Amalfi... located at Agerola, quaint and quiet village surmounted by Lattari, enjoys an excelent area untouched and genuine thanks to the envoironment away from the chaos of the city.
Inhabited since ancient times evidenced by the Roman aristocracy from precious archaeological finds as the remains of "Rustic Villas" amphorae and ancient coins and oil lamps.
The name derives from the latin "ager" wich means the field plowed, cultivated: in fact village, made of alleysits economy was based mainly on agricolture making the most of this beautiful plateau, unlike the countries below, where the presents of the coast did no allow it. But the story of Agerola is linked to that of the Amalfi Coast, sharing is that does dark moments of great splendour. This place is the ideal spot to admire the balconies of its natural breathtaking views of th Amalfi Coast, characterized by towering clift that plunge in to the blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Punta San Lazarus, the Castle Lauritano, Crown Point Park Belvedere and provisions situated immediately above the B&B Divina Costiera, most for are about to choose to stay Agerola.
The country also ofers the possibility to taste delicious local products: The Mozzarella Agerolese made from cow's milk, rase protected, only present in this region, Pear Picking endemic subspecies of this kind of place, only to find Agerola. All this suggested and indicated by the knowledge of our staff.

... in every corner hides a beauty to discover ...

Typical products ...
...taste the culinary tradition and satisfies your palate !

                                                  Bakery products

bakery products boasts a prestigious production, the bread, that earned him the title of "city of bread." Here it produces a homemade bread very appreciated, made from wheat and rye. Excellent freshly cooked, it breaks easily thanks to the characteristic cuts on bark. With annealing occurs panbiscotto, ideal to be maintained even over a month without losing fragrance.
And then the taralli, circular or quadrangular shape, with a diameter of 6-7 cm. May be garnished with pepper or almonds.

Dairy products of Agerola
Anyone to sit at the table after the discovery of the wonders of the Amalfi Coast will taste the dairy products of Agerola, experimenting as well the reasons for their notoriety. Caciotte, provole and fresh or smoked scamorza, caciocavallo, braids, mozzarella, ricotta and goats are the centrepiece of the Highland agerolese.
The most renowned is the Provolone del Monaco, obtained from the processing of raw milk using kid rennet. Spinning is complex and difficult, and often requires the involvement of two people. Follows the pear or forming a cylinder, and then pickled and drying are made.

The seasoning is done in the cellar for 4-18 months. The particular flavor and aroma of this cheese you need in addition to the goodness of the pastures to the maturing and preservation techniques. To produce this Provolone is used at least 20% agerolese cow's milk, a particularly prized breed.

La Pera Pennata
The Pear is Picking a local ecotype and a quirks of Agerola; It has been included in the list of traditional products of the Campania region.
The tree is distinguished by a strong vigor and a shape very straight and tall, hence the name "Strum" (the roof edge). The plant prefers sunny and dry environments and the fruits ripen in the summer period from August to September. The skin has a dark green color while the pulp is light, compact, pleasant scent and mushy and sweet flavour. But the peculiarity of this pear is the flattened shape is good shelf life.
Famous are the jams produced from it that go wonderfully with Provolone del Monaco.

Art on the path of the gods: Agerola between music, theatre and tradition ...
... Some suggested itineraries

Why not combine knowlage and flavors?

  • Visit to dairies, is the background, demonstration and test + visit to the cellars of the Provolone del Monaco cheese DOP;

  • Visit and demonstration in homemade liqueur producer;

  • Visiting craft ceramics workshop.


Theatre events, music and Cabaret with "Agerola sul Sentiero degli Dei"
Period: from July to September;
"FiordiLatte FiordiFesta"
Sagra Fiordilatte and of typical products of Agerola
Period: August

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